As a people oriented designer, I am trained to discover the problems, aims, concerns and aspirations of individuals, collectives and societies; and to translate these findings into feasible and aesthetic product design solutions. Currently I am looking for work in the Netherlands.

My Curriculum Vitae


University of Twente
Master Industrial Design Engineering

Within the Master's programme of Industrial Design Engineering, I specialised on developing a people oriented perspective in design. The Master track Human Technology Relations concerned exploring and designing products that serve the problems and aspirations of people on an individual, social or societal level. Central themes involved Design for Behaviour Change, Interaction Design and visual design language of products.

Sept. 2017 – July 2019

Nedap Identification Systems
Bachelor Graduation Intership

As part of my graduation assignment I worked for three months at Nedap Identification Systems, a leading specialist in systems for long distance identification, wireless vehicle detection and city access control. The assignment was aimed to improve the Electronic Parking License (EPL), an in-vehicle device that ensures availability of parking bays for designated audiences, as part of Nedap’s vehicle detection and parking solutions platform SENSIT. As a result, design recommendations for the EPL were proposed and a new prototype was presented.

Feb. 2017 – July 2017

Universidade de Lisboa
Minor Architecture

Besides Industrial Design, I am also interested in architecture. Therefore, I studied architecture for 6 months in Portugal at the University of Lisbon. I learned that both fields share a lot of similarities, and during this period I learned about ‘design’ according to a different perspective.

Sept. 2016 – Jan. 2017

University of Twente
Bachelor Industrial Design

Industrial Design combines design with engineering and technology. During this three-year Bachelor’s programme I learned how to combine technology and creativity to design physical and virtual consumer products that are practical to use, well designed and in line with users’ needs and demands.

Sept. 2014 – July 2017