I love turning ideas into designs that really make a difference. For me, being an Industrial Designer means more than just creating things; it's about inventing solutions that improve everyday life.

At DiDutch, my passion finds its purpose. We're all about designing with people in mind, aiming to create products and packaging that are not only easy to use but also sustainable. Here, design is our tool for positive change, making everyday life better and the planet a bit greener.

Let's connect and explore how we can create impactful designs that make a difference. 🤝


Industrial Designer

At DiDutch, I'm part of a team that designs innovative products and packaging. My focus is on creating designs that are user-friendly, environmentally sustainable and visually appealing. Working alongside our sister companies, Het Foodatelier and MetaChef, we pool our expertise to offer comprehensive design solutions to our clients globally.

We believe in going beyond ordinary design. Our approach is all about putting the user at the heart of everything we do, aiming for solutions that address immediate needs and provide long-term benefits. We're committed to crafting designs that are beautiful, practical, and sustainable.

Oct. 2019 – present

UX Designer

At MetaChef, we changed the way people think about education and marketing.

Starting in the sector we know best, the food industry, we developed engaging 3D solutions for fun (VR) learning experiences, interactive sales presentations, and smarter online marketing material.

Within just two years, we established the world's largest database of 3D food and packaging, making it accessible to customers via our own innovative online platform.

As a UX Designer, I was responsible for the platform's design and system architecture. I worked closely with clients to understand their needs and collaborated with our talented software developers to create an accessible and efficient platform.

Oct. 2019 – April 2021

MSc Intern in Industrial Design

I started project 'Unfold' in collaboration with design agency Panton, psychiatric centre Karakter, and the University of Twente. Our goal was to help young autistic adults with anxiety gain more independence. By working closely with autistic individuals, healthcare professionals, and design experts, we ensured 'Unfold' resonated well with its intended users. The ideas from autistic individuals themselves made a big difference, making it easy for them to connect with our project.

'Unfold' is a product for young adults with agoraphobia that shows them new places before they visit, using a connected device. This makes the thought of going to new places less scary and encourages them to get out more. Participating in the Dutch Design Week 2019, 'Unfold' highlighted the importance of inclusive design.

Nov. 2018 – July 2019

Nedap Identification Systems
BSc Intern in Industrial Design

During my time at Nedap Identification Systems, I focused on enhancing the Electronic Parking License (EPL) as part of their innovative SENSIT platform. Inspired by the vision of smarter, more welcoming cities, my goal was to make the EPL both more convenient to use and aesthetically pleasing. This journey was a perfect blend of my design passion and the aspiration to contribute to meaningful urban mobility solutions.

Feb. 2017 – July 2017


University of Twente
Master Industrial Design Engineering

Within the Master's programme of Industrial Design Engineering, I specialised on developing a people oriented perspective in design. The Master track Human Technology Relations concerned exploring and designing products that serve the problems and aspirations of people on an individual, social or societal level. Central themes involved Design for Behaviour Change, Interaction Design and visual design language of products.

Sept. 2017 – July 2019

Universidade de Lisboa
Minor Architecture

Besides Industrial Design, I am also interested in architecture. Therefore, I studied architecture for 6 months in Portugal at the University of Lisbon. I learned that both fields share a lot of similarities, and during this period I learned about ‘design’ according to a different perspective.

Sept. 2016 – Jan. 2017

University of Twente
Bachelor Industrial Design

Industrial Design combines design with engineering and technology. During this three-year Bachelor’s programme I learned how to combine technology and creativity to design physical and virtual consumer products that are practical to use, well designed and in line with users’ needs and demands.

Sept. 2014 – July 2017