The essential kitchenware collection


A growing number of young people realize that our current habits of buying and consuming products are not sustainable and future-proof. Many of them agree we need to adopt a more minimal lifestyle, and we should own less products.

As a major manufacturer of products for everyday kitchen use, WMF recognizes it can set new standards in the market for kitchen products and their ecological impact. That’s why they posed us the following question: ‘What will the future of WMF products in the future look like?’ In other words, how can WMF make their products future-proof? We want to fundamentally anchor WMF’s products within the new world to guarantee their long-term success. We identified future-shaping ‘key drivers of change’ and we believe the solution can be found in what is most essential.

As a result we conceptualized ‘the essential collection’: a unique combination between personalization and standardization. A collection that will evolve with you your entire life, and finally makes it convenient for the consumer to be sustainable.