Co-Designing Independence with Autistic Young Adults


I started project 'Unfold' in collaboration with design agency Panton, psychiatric centre Karakter, and the University of Twente. Our goal was to help young autistic adults with anxiety gain more independence. By working closely with autistic individuals, healthcare professionals, and design experts, we ensured 'Unfold' resonated well with its intended users. The ideas from autistic individuals themselves made a big difference, making it easy for them to connect with our project.

'Unfold' is a product for young adults with agoraphobia that shows them new places before they visit, using a connected device. This makes the thought of going to new places less scary and encourages them to get out more. Participating in the Dutch Design Week 2019, 'Unfold' highlighted the importance of inclusive design.

Agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or help wouldn't be available if things go wrong.